Tech Masturbation

Not a day passes without me checking twitter, hackernews and a lot of subreddits on reddit about all the new stuff I ought to learn relating to my work and passion: programming!

Because of this need to learn I spend at least 20 minutes a day - and sometimes several hours - reading blogs posts, source code and comments.

My interests in programming are very diverse. I work primarily as a web developer, and has done so for most of my adult life - but I am going more and more native with the code that I write - and more and more lowlevel in the process. My latest project is a big c++ beast with branches into sound, 3d graphics, xml parsing, video encoding, and a lot of different and exciting things that web programmers never get to work with…

If I take a look in my pocket I find some very different themes in what I read about:

  • email marketing

  • blogging in general

  • growth hacking

  • new languages (go, haskell, rust, elixir, dart and 20-30 others)

  • design patterns

  • tdd

  • javascript mvc frameworks (meteor, ember and backbone)

  • sql database internals (sqlite, mysql, postgresql)

  • nosql databases (mongo, elasticsearch, couch, redis, riak)

  • dev-ops stuff (docker, coreos, deis, flynn, mesos)

  • c / cpp libraries

  • build tools

  • machine learning

and this list is nowhere near exhaustive. I know a little bit about everything - and I am constantly trying to catch up to the people who know a hell of a lot about one single thing. I know it is a lost cause - however as an ideal I find it encouraging rather than the opposite. I know I will never learn it all.

On top of this I use some time every week to tune my shell experience. (Just look at my dotfiles if you doubt that). I run almost everything in the shell now.

I have a tmux setup which where I have about 20+ sessions at any given time. One session has my weechat app running which is connected to twitter, irc, hipchat and facebook messenger at the same time (through znc and bitlbee). Another session has my mutt program where both my work and private email resides. I even manage my google calendar through a plugin in vim.

I am a tech masturbator - I know it - and I am not even ashamed. I find that what makes me valuable to my employer, my friends and my family, even to myself, is that I always try to become better at what I do.

I am in this world to learn, to synthesize and to create.

I do this through reading, tinkering and a constant fixation that when I see someone do something awesome I want to be able to do the same thing. Perhaps why at some point I have seen myself as a metal-guitar player, a rapper, a programmer, a business owner, an entrepeneur, a public speaker, a meetup organizer, an author, a blogger, a husband, a father…