Sharpen your saw
After a couple of months of only minor maintenance of our php codebases, I have dived deeper into php coding this week. And two things reallly annoyed me (apart from the fact that I was back coding php). My testing workflow from working with ruby did not work I could... Read More
Running rspec Tests From vim in Another tmux Pane
When I write ruby code I usually write it in a tdd/bdd style using rspec as a test framework. I want to run tests directly from vim, but I do not like running tests through guard (don't ask me why - I have no real answer). I like the... Read More
What Makes a Good Side Project?
All developers have had this offer at one point. I have this idea, if you code it - I'll give you x percent of the company. If you have an online presence or have a good network of idea-rich people, this happens so much, that you say no to more... Read More
Ruby, its about the concise code
Today I reviewed a co-workers code. And in a couple of minutes we rewrote it to be as concise - yet still expressive - as it could be. This is one of the things I love about ruby. The original code was something along the lines of def get_new... Read More
ES6, CommonJS or Amd
TL;DR doesn't mather - pick one and use that. ES-6 ES6 modules is the future. At some point this will be a part of the language, and then I see no reason not to use that. But we are not there yet. ES-6 modules seems pretty to me. Maybe... Read More
Went the Ghost route as well
I have ranted a lot about shell tools the last couple of years (and be warned - I have much rant still left). But I recently decided to stop the write post, build static site, upload static site build cycle for managing new posts. Last year I fell in love... Read More
Quantified Self and Me
I have become quite serious about this whole Quantified Self movement. I guess as a developer it is easy to be caught up in that. And I have in large periods of time use RescueTime to monitor myself, but at times used more time analyzing the rescuetime data, than I... Read More
Combining Concetrate, Moom, iTerm and Tmux
My blogposts are written in markdown - using terminal vim as my editor. Each kind of task I work on occassionally have been created as an activity in Concentrate. I have hooked my concentrate app up to alfred - and thus I can start an activity easily directly from alfred... Read More
Some Quick Tips for Using Dash
I love dash. It allows me easy access to documentation to different programming languages and frameworks, without needing to be online. And it allows me to easily search for the documentation. This means I can work anytime, anywhere on most of my projects. This is a quick post about the... Read More
Alfred2 Workflow for Controlling Concentrate
Back in march I wrote about how I fought procrastination with my hosts file hack. I have since then abandonned this practice, but bad habits die slowly - and I sometimes need to educate myself a bit. I have had a license for the Concentrate app for years now -... Read More
Writing Shell Functions in zsh
If you want to customize your zsh experience (and you have oh-my-zsh installed), you should know how to extend your shell with custom functions. First you need to create a plugin in ~/.oh-my-zsh/plugins/yourplugin/yourplugin.plugin.zsh - and include the plugin in the list of installed plugins in... Read More
Customizing the zsh Prompt with oh-my-zsh Themes
There are a lot of ready made themes for oh-my-zsh users. You can even get a screenshot of each of the themes from a shared dropbox folder. So why would you ever need to know how to make your own theme? Well, the thing is. When you - like me... Read More