Why this blog?

Why this blog?

I have had a personal website for years. I have written hundreds of posts through the years. Most of them are not really valuable to anyone though. I wrote for an audience that was not there, with content no one asked for, in a style no one wanted to read. Mostly rehashed from other sources, and not much original content and thought.

I know these "this newly started blog will be different" writings are a dime a dozen, and a lot of them is the only content on a website for years, before re-creating the same page with a totally different design - because the design and the platform was the reason it did not work the last time....

But this newly started blog will be different!

I am not writing for anyone but myself. Primarily because most people will never find this content - and those who do are either of no importance to me, so what they think of me is of no consequence to me.. Or they will already know me, and will either like or despise me for who I am already, and nothing I can put in writing will change their view of me anyway.

I know that what I write here has the risk of being saved for posterity, and therefore I will of course have some things I will not discuss here. I will try not to discuss politics and religion (I am an stoic atheistic liberal - personal freedom is the most important thing to me). Whether I write about sexuality and/or relationships is still up for debate...

I will write about code, music, philosophy, poetry, business, ideas and a lot of day to day thoughts that go on in my head. I will share much more of myself here than I have done in the past - I will post much more... I do no longer care if the first draft is "ready for the public" - I'll just share! If you like - or more interestingly dislike - what you see, and want to know more - well just get in touch!