What is love? Posted in Diary on 14 of Jan, 2020

This post is a work in progress - edited and crossposted from “elsewhere”…

I don’t believe that love is a feeling. It is not cupids arrow hitting your heart. It is not something that happens to you, it is not something you are owed. And you will never run out!

Love is action and intent

To love a person is to prioritize them.To love a person is to nurture their body, mind and soul.To love a person is to give them what they need, not what they want.To love a person is to set them free, and hope that the freedom will inspire them to love you back.

So are you poly?

No, not really. I have talked with people who would define me as poly - but I don’t myself.

I have a clear and well-defined primary relationship - and I do not think anything would ever be able to change that (unless we break it ourselves).

Freedom is above all my most important value… I will write a post about that in the future.