• Euler 1 1posts

    The first - and easiest - of the problems from Project Euler

  • Parse JSON 7posts

    Especially useful for web-based services, json has become a defacto standard for data exchange between services

  • Read From STDIN 10posts

    In most languages reading from stdin is just like reading files. Using stdin allows other commands to pipe input into your program

  • Read Program Arguments 14posts

    Reading program arguments is an essential tool for most programs. Use it to specify options, e.g. how to print output, which files to use for i/o and so on

  • Read a File 10posts

    Reading files is an essential part of most programs. I/O is needed for a program to anything useful

  • Write JSON 3posts

    Writing json from existing data can be used to share data with other systems

  • Write XML 1posts

    Xml has in some areas gone out of favor - but it still has its uses. And much existing software will read xml

  • Write a TCP Server 3posts

    If you can write a tcp server in your language of choice, the world is open for integrations to other systems.

  • Write to a File 3posts

    Writing files is almost as important as being able to read them...