I love me some native code

Tue, Dec 5, 2017

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I love me some native code

Don’t get me wrong - I love Ruby. I have been the host of many a JavaScript meetup. I have written many thousand lines of php. 

I am very much following elixir and elm - both of which I have concrete ideas to where they would fit in our roadmap. 

I have written a lot of scripts in both lua and python. 

But ; I love native code. Nothing gets me more excited than writing native code. Primarily C++, but anything that compiles to machine code seems to make uplifted. 

I don’t really know what the reason is though. 

It is not always the easiest code to write. 

It does not necessarily become the most performant solution. 

It definitely crashes in more obscure ways than other things. 

But I love it.

Maybe it is because I feel more in control? It is my win, when it works - not some other library that I just dropped in. It is also my beast to tame when it segfaults left and right, because I for the 100th time forgot to ensure I don’t release a pointer twice - or try to memcpy to a nullptr. 

Through the years I have developed an instinct for the compiler errors I get. I almost always know where to look for my stupid mistake. (Because yes, it is never the language, the libraries or the compiler that lets me down - it is always me.)

I have this same instinct in most of the infrastructures, libraries, languages and APIs I have used more than a couple of times. 

And when I do get stuck - and I do - native code been around decades more than most scripting languages. So getting a hint is sometimes very easy - if you care to read code. Decades of open source software in c and c++ have a lot to teach - and I am still eager to learn.