How to parse JSON in C++

Fri, Sep 16, 2016

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In C++ there are no built-in ways to handle json. However there are many open source libraries to help you.

One of the more popular ones is JsonCpp - and it is relatively easy to use.

Include jsoncpp.cpp in your build, and include json.h where you want to handle json.

std::ifstream json_file("person.json", std::ifstream::binary);
Json::Value root;
Json::Reader reader;
bool parsingSuccessful = reader.parse( json_file, root, false );
std::string = root["name"].asString();
int age = root["age"].asInt();

First we [open the file]() - and then define a variable to hold the root value of the parsed json.

Next we setup the reader, and parse the file. The resulting Json::Value is quite nice. You can get sub keys by the operator[] method (like the example above) and call asInt, asFloat, asBool and asString on the result. Or you can iterate over it, if it is an array.

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