How to Fork a Process in Ruby

Thu, Jul 4, 2019

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Forking in Ruby is pretty straight forward. It pretty much mimicks the c version in that the same system calls need to be called, and they are named the same in Ruby as in C. The difference in this code is pretty much down to the fact that Ruby is a dynamic language (so we do not have to think about types) and that we do not need to import anything for fork to work.

Where we in C need to know whether we are in the forked code or not - Ruby handles this using a block. The block only executes for the child process - the parent process just returns the pid.

4.times do |count|

  pid = fork do
    puts "Child #{count} started"

  puts "Started child with PID #{pid}"


puts "All children stopped"

run it with ruby fork.rb

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