• C 5posts

    The basis of all modern programming. Learn it

  • C# 2posts

    C# is a Microsoft language, originally for .net. It is a modern language with many features

  • C++ 3posts

    Love it or hate it, C++ is as powerfull as C, but with many more features

  • Elixir 4posts

    Elixir is a functional programming language running on the Erlang VM (BEAM)

  • GO 4posts

    Go was meant to dethrone C++ as the lowlevel weapon of choice. It has a great standard library.

  • Haskell 2posts

    Haskell is a functional programming language. To the uninitiated, it can feel a bit like weird math

  • Java 3posts

    Java is - together with C++, and maybe C - one of the most used and most taught programming languages in the world

  • JavaScript 8posts

    JavaScript runs everywhere. And in your browser it is the only language. We'll focus primarily on nodejs

  • Lisp 2posts

    Lisp is a one of the oldest programming languages still in use. We are using clisp as reference here - there are many dialects though.

  • Lua 2posts

    Lua is a fast embeddable scripting languages. Known for it's use in a lot of game engines.

  • PHP 6posts

    PHP is perhaps the most used language for server side web programming

  • Perl 1posts

    Perl is the forefather to both PHP and Ruby.

  • Powershell 1posts

    Powershell is a very nice shell programming language far more powerful than e.g. bash

  • Ruby 7posts

    Ruby is an object oriented language. It is used both for scripts and for webprogramming - usually with Rails

  • Rust 2posts

    Rust is a modern systems program language. Like Go it is trying to dethrone the mighty C++. Mozilla has used it to write the Servo engine for the newer Firefox Browsers