Sat, Apr 28, 2018

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2017 -> Current

Partner / Co-owner of Fliva.

2016 -> Current

CTO of Fliva.

2008 -> 2016 (or current)

Fliva is owned by Arnsbo Media for which I have worked since 2008. They own and operate:

  • Piipl (Shared Service Company, specializing in software development, finance and HR)
  • HeyLoyalty (Email Marketing Automation)
  • VoiceArchive (The worlds largest provider of Voice Over Services)
  • Fliva (Fully automated large scale video provider)

I wrote a ERP like system for VoiceArchive. And wrote production software for Fliva. Since 2014 I have worked on a rendering engine for Fliva. This rendering engine took over all video generation in 2017.

2008 (Jan -> Oct)

Web developer at the now closed Wildside in Aarhus. It was a Typo3 shop.

2001 - > 2008

Parter / Co-owner and developer at 9iA (previously 9InterActive).

The first couple of sites we created was primarily html and css, with a little javascript and ASP thrown in. Nothing fancy.

We created our own CMS called iUpdate. It was written in C# just when .net was released. It was rather simplistic and worked with Access databases. Needless to say, we only made low-trafic websites at that point.

At some point during 2004 we changed to PHP and Typo3. We had moderate success with this. And decided to move to Aarhus in 2006.

We did no real sales - and since we no longer were the only web developers in town, we got very few customers. We decided to close shop in 2007 and find “real jobs”.

Funny aside - the last customer we had in 2007 was actually VoiceArchive (back when they were only the owner). He moved with me to Wildside and continued as a customer there, before we decided that I just go work for him directly.