Soldiering On

Sun, Jun 3, 2018

Weight today: 134 kg

I am keeping below the line. And that may look good. But first of all, this is still early. Second we cheated a lot the last 10 days. I kept not drinking softdrinks outside of the weekend, but consumption in the weekend is still too high. Further I still eat to much - and still too few vegetables. Third I think it is more luck than perseverance that caused my weight to go - a little - down. I am safe for 23 days at the time of writing - or I’ll have to pay up.

(removed iframe - dropped the beeminder stuff)

Further I made a - perhaps better goal - because this is a “doing goal” instead of the weight loss goal, which is more like a “being goal”.

The doing goal here is biking at least 400 km before 30th of october this year. That can only be done by having a rate of at least 18.1km biked each week. So that is what I have to do, to not pay up.

(removed iframe - dropped the beeminder stuff)

This is an easier goal to follow - because when you get close to the edge, you can just go out on your bike and do something about it. That is not exactly as easy to do - at least safely - when at the edge of the weightloss goal.

I am pretty confident that this biking goal is - if not paramount for the weightloss goal - then at least a great way to get some exercise. I actually biked more than 20km today, to be sure to be over the limit - since I am going out of town a couple of days next week.