A year later

Wed, Jul 3, 2019

Weight today: 125 kg

Weight status as of July 2019. Lost 10kg

My max weight (ever) was reached at the start of 2018. 137kg…! 11 months later I had not lost a pound. Or I had lost a little weight, gained it again… In a neverending loop.

A lot of stuff happened in my life in the fall of 2018. And it impacted me in many ways.

So in the december i started eating better, and it lasted for a couple of months. After this the success have been a bit more sporadic.

I am now dancing around a weight of 125kg instead of around 135kg. I have been down to 122.5 at some point - and then I started doing fasting combined with not-so-healthy eating.

What I have internalized is ; if a have a process to follow that I know works, I can always fall back to the process when stuff begins to “go wrong”. So everytime my weight increases above 125 it is easy for me to control my eating to make sure I come back to that baseline… However it is still hard for me to blaze past that on a downward trend…

My next move - I guess - is to start doing some sort of working out. I am probably ending on weight training in the local fitness center. I have bought the “Starting Strength” book after numerous recomendations over the years from techies who found the book both very informative, and free of bullshit - but also got them results quite fast.