January 2, 2020

Foresight is 2020

Foresight is 2020

I (re-)started this blog with a purpose: living on purpose, with purpose, for a purpose. So much of my writing in the past has been purposeless. Instead this is (some of) my plans for 2020. (Yeah, I have secrets, motherfuckers!)

Writing and ideas

I want to use this platform for writing thoughts and ideas and having a way to either remember them, or share them. I believe that sharing thoughts and ideas are so much more fruitful than to try to battle with them in secret, hoping that the secrecy will either save you embarrassment or gain you some competitive advantage in the long run. Thoughts and ideas does not - really - exist before they are shared.

In the past I have written "a lot" of poetry and short stories. I plan on doing more of that, and then releasing everything. Some times this will mean that I will publish something in danish, even though the primary language of this blog is English.


In the past I have had grandiose plans for wanting to do this or that kind of musical release. The problem is my focus within music is so diverse that when I try to "make a band" in one genre, I no longer have an interest in said genre for a while, the project goes on hiatus, while I procrastinate - and not let myself explore ideas in other genres because "that was not what I decided to do".

This changes now! I have decided to make a musical release - of some kind - every month in 2020. This means that at least 12 pieces of music, in whatever genre, in whatever state of finished it is, will be released. The platform will be decided upon, when I know how good I find the finished product. I have an account on Distrokid which will be used for any releases that I find either better or at least as good as my old band Everticum. Youtube will be used for finished "bad" songs. Demos and scrapped ideas will probably end up on SoundCloud.


This was my primary focus when blogging in the past. But where I previously was focusing on "how can I easily create some content" - meaning I wrote the same as crappy content as every other developer out there with their personal blog littered with "I solved this trivial problem with this footgun"-style posts... I will try to focus on "real" content instead. Either in the form of "how you do actual real work" or exploration of ideas that went very poorly - and then try to analyze why.

Lets face it, much of todays (web-)development is just copy/paste of almost identical solutions to the same old problems. Much of our industry - myself included - keep inventing even more complex solutions to the same simple problems. Hopefully I will be able to remind myself of this, by writing about my numerous failures as a CTO.

I have not yet decided on a schedule here. But I have some - in my opinion well researched - articles in the pipeline. Again, I have written them primarily for myself - but also so that I can point colleagues to reasoning behind some of my obscure choices. I have - more than once - failed to explain a choice, that I know I have made on an informed basis.

My life in general

I want to be able to use this platform as a diary of sorts. This also means that I will probably share stuff that most people would not share. (Hopefully no one will use it against me!?) - where I draw the line of sharing vs self-censorship is still up to (internal) debate. I have people - and organizations - in my life that I want to protect to the best of my ability, so I will need to keep some secrets secret. Sorry.


So, how about that privacy then, Claus? Yeah, I know!

The thing is, I don't really believe in privacy anymore. Rather, I believe in an ideal of privacy: it should be a thing!

But, alas, I no longer believe that it is.

I think all my secrets are known by at least one other person. So I have decided to live as if everyone knows everything about me. So I only censor myself when I think that not doing so would cause harm to someone other than myself (e.g. my family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, business, customers, suppliers and so on)