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Full name is Claus Witt Jørgensen, however I almost never use Jørgensen (sorry dad). I have been called Claus Witt (or just Witt) for most my life - and it just kind of stuck…


I am a developer at Arnsbo Group and the CTO at Fliva. I have worked here since 2008 (see my cv for details).

So you played in a band?

Yeah, I played in the Melodic Death Metal band Everticum. We played from some time in the nineties until 2000 and then again for a brief period from 2005 to 2007.

Isn’t metal music just noise?

Yes, and no. To the untrained ear it is nothing but noise, however so is opera to some people. To others it is the sublime artform for expressing oneself.

Do you have kids?

Yes I certainly do. I have a boy called Toke, born in 2008, and a girl called Runa, born in 2012.

So are you married?

Yup! I married Iben in 2009, as a joined 30-year-birthday party combined with a wedding and naming-party for our son. A great party by all accounts.

How did you and Iben meet?

I guess the first time we met - that we both can remember anyway - was when I was approx 13 years old, and still in school. I sat in the school library reading german for some classmates - and Iben overheard at laughed at me/us with her friend…

We had overlapping social circles so we met on a couple of occassions during my teenage years. At some point we ended up as a couple for some months.

After that we were “just friends” almost a decade until in 2007 where we somehow ended up together again, moved in together and got Iben pregnant all within a year.

Is it true your son only has one arm?

Yes, it is. He was amputated because of cancer when he was exactly two months old.

So your son had cancer?

Toke was born with cancer. We only knew when her was about one month old. Then the next month was spent in and out of the hospital. Toke was diagnosed with cancer when he was one month old, and got a total of three treatments with chemo - before the doctors realized that the cancer kept growing and surgery was needed. Sadly he had to be amputated exactly two months after he was born. However - only a month later he was declared healthy again.

Where do you come from?

I come from the oldest town in Denmark called Ribe.

Where do you live now?

A large house in Sorring, Silkeborg, Denmark.

Own or rent?

We own!!!

Where did you work before?

I worked at a small web agency called Wildside for approx 8 months back in 2008. Before that I had my own company called 9iA from 2001 to 2008.

What was 9iA?

We were a small web agency. We made our own CMS called i-update back in the early 2000s, but never developed it that much. We jumped onto Typo3 consulting in 2004. We got larger clients by using Typo3, however we never made any recurring revenue - apart from minor hosting deals - and as such the write your own software route would probably have been better from a long term echonomical viewpoint.

How did you exit from 9iA?

My cofounder and I closed down the company, and split the debt.

Do you have any hobbies?

I have a couple of interests that share a common theme. I love to write! I love to wrote prose and poetry. I love writing music. I love writing software. Further I to become better at those things. As a result I love training, rehearsing and learning in those fields - and adjacent ones as well.

Can we listen to some of your music?

Well, I haven’t uploaded anything in recent years - I must get back to that at some point. But there is a video of an old Everticum song on Youtube

Oh - and not our old E.P. In Infinitum is on Spotify as well

How about something recent?

Sorry, I have nothing at the moment. I’ll get back to you on that?

Any other interests?

Yeah, I do! :-P

What do you do every day?

Play guitar, write code, drink coffee, make dinner for the family.

What do you do to little of?

Excercise and time with friends.


What do you do too much of?

Eating I guess? Drinking calories (I love coke and latte’s). Watch tv.