Claus Witt

Claus Witt
Sorring, Denmark
github: clauswitt
twitter: clauswitt
facebook: clauswitt

Developer, Musician, Poet

Soft skills

Hard skills

ProductivityCritical ThinkingProblem SolvingCoachingIdeasCommunication
SchedulingWritingTeam PlayerBusiness Process Improvement

Work experience


CTO and Co-Owner

Massive automated personalized video rendering, transcoding and hosting. Work on the rendering engine started in 2014, first in my spare time - later in company time as well. Fliva is a company in the Arnsbo Group family, and as such I still have close ties with those teams. I still participate in some capacity with mentoring, code reviews, design talks and even development when needed.

  • Released rendering engine which reduced rendering time 20x
  • Released player platform in three weeks
  • Released a transcoding service which reduced cost 10x
  • Built a After Effects Plugin
C++OpenGLffmpegAWSAdobe After EffectsRubyRailsReactPostgresqlPHPMysqlLaravelChef

Arnsbo Group

Tech Lead

Arnsbo Group is the parent company of Fliva, HeyLoyalty and VoiceArchive

  • Released a video production platform in three months
  • Released a fully automated geo-oriented video produciton platform in 6 months
  • Integrated developers from multiple teams into one team during a merger
  • Lead development of several internal tools and integrations
  • Recruited and mentored the later CTO of VoiceArchive
  • Mentored the later CTO of HeyLoyalty
  • Setup Chef for infrastructure automation


Only Developer

Developed, deployed and supported the business process engine for Voicearchive

  • Released order handling and automation software, which allowed the company to handle 10x orders with the same manpower.
  • Created a simple MVC framework, before they were mainstream in PHP, still faster than most off the shelf frameworks
PHPMysqlDojo ToolkitjQueryLinuxOperations



Wildside was a webagency in Aarhus



Co Owner and developer

Web agency. We created our own .net based CMS, launched in 2002. We switched to pure consulting using DynamicWeb and Typo3 in 2004

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