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April 20th start of week

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A new week started today.

My mondays are always filled with meetings - in fact I have my weeks planned so that all my (recurring) meetings are placed on mondays, so that other days can be completely meeting free. This has the adverse effect of feeling like I am completely uneffective ; even though I know that I have been adding a lot of value to our companies this last week.

Last week - quick recap

Fliva improvements - storage reductions

We store a lot of video files at fliva, on versioned s3 buckets at AWS. Most of the files are never seen, and we have been storing them for years. We decided to use various data points to decide to delete files from our s3 storage. We reduced the cost of storage to about a third of before.

One of the things I learned in these past weeks working on this is ; versioned s3 buckets does not delete a file, when you delete it through the (normal) api. Instead you actually add bytes of storage, by adding a version (albeit with no data) which is a deletion marker - which returns a 404 whenever you try to read the file. We have had automatic deletion running for years, however we only just now found out that the deleted files were still there. We improved our deletion strategies to allow permanently delete files from s3 (after having been softdeleted for some time), and we also auto transition old files to infrequent access storage. Finally we got data integration set up, to ensure that files that are no longer needed by our clients will be removed from our storage permanently.

Personal improvements - fixed my blog

For a long time I have wanted my blog to be something I could be proud of. I love to write, but found that the various restarts of my blog made me less inclined to write.

I took a long look at myself in the mirror, and decided that my love of writing was a real thing, and the thing that held me back was the blog design, the self-imposed censorship and the technical limits of my setup. I have run a lot of different blog engines through the years, but the times I have been writing the most was when the blog engine was a simple static site generator. (And I have been through most of them by now). Yet I hated that I could not have scheduled posts on a static site (because even though you could set the post time, and not have the post shown before that… unless you actively got the site rebuilt after that time, the post would not show up). For this reason I have changed to both Wordpress and Ghost at points - just to get that one feature… But I hate the web-ui of both… I just want to write my posts in vim, and commit+push to deploy.

And now I can! Since github actions was set live, you can have an action run as a sort of cron job, and check a pull-request (with a new post in it) for some magic string containing a timestamp. I use this to auto merge pr’s into my master branch (which in turn deploys the blog again). Now I have my perfect setup for writing how I like it, but still allow myself to have scheduled posts - and thus write when I want to, but not have 10 posts added one week, and no posts for a couple of weeks…

Now I can write like hell, when I am inspired ; and schedule them into the future… I have been writing more this past week than ever before. (Even though none of it have ended up here ; yet - it has been very inspiring for me)

This week

Rendering engine

Our rendering engine in fliva has undergone a lot of changes this past year. So much so that we actually have two versions of most of our software. One running in production, and one in pre-release. The latter one needs to be set live asap. It is faster, has more features BUT has so many changes that we need to be sure that everything still works as before. (Backwards compatability is a bitch).

Storage improvements

We still have a couple of strategies for auto deletion that needs to be set live.

Blog idea

I have an idea for a blog about productivity in danish. I have bought the domain, and setup a new blogging engine. (You can find it somewhere here!) It is still an idea, and I have not committed to it yet. I need to take the decision about either starting the blog (and have a schedule for writing, a plan for marketing it, and all that jazz) OR just delete the site again, and stop worrying about it.

This post

What is this? I am trying to (relatively publically) to go through my thoughts at the beginning and end of my weeks, to track my learnings. This will not necessarily end up here every week. And I may skip weeks, (and even censor myself). But I would like the weeks where some learning for either future me, or other people, for some reason becomes apparent for me to be documented somewhere where it can be found later. Not just written and forgotten.

… let’s see if this catches on.

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