Project Ideas I want to Work On

An alternative to Omnifocus and Todoist

I want the best of both worlds. When using OmniFocus I miss the “native” apps in all platforms, and the open api. When working in Todoist I miss perspectives, contexts, how projects and contexts can nest, and focus.

I am trying an api first approach, which will mimic Todoists api as closely as possible, but add the missing pieces from OmniFocus.

Syncing Org mode with Todoist

There are three main parts to this project.

  • Create a api client for Todoist in Emacs Lisp
  • Create/Update org mode tasks from Api Response
  • Create/Update Todoist tasks from local org mode file

On top of that it would be great to have it run automatically.

Create an API Client

Here there are a couple of moving parts:

  • how to create http(s) requests
  • how to parse json
  • how to post data

Create/Update org mode Tasks from Api Response

You need to figure out how to store priorities, deadlines, projects and labels.

Create/Update Todoist Tasks from org mode file

A computer Game

I think this will be a project with my son.

A Metal Album