Full Circle and back to Jekyll

I have written a lot of blogposts over the years about which technologies I have used for my blogs, how I use them and why I chose them. This is yet another one of those - however I’ll try to be brief.

Back in the day I had a wordpress blog just like every other developer out there (well before that I have had a static site or two, a typo3 based site and some other shortlived experiments). I hated wordpress - and I still do. At some point I decided to migrate to Jekyll and Github (before pages was a thing).

I loved jekyll - but I hated the lack of tools. I was not yet 100% in love with the terminal, vim and tmux. I tried to get textmate (and later sublime text) to do what I wanted, and I integrated some shell scripts with quicksilver and other tools that I used at the time.

Over the years I fell in love with both ruby and the terminal - and I wanted to try out middleman - mostly because I liked the idea that the middleman static site generator mostly built on top of rails conventions.

I also fell a little bit in love with ghost - or rather the promise of ghost when it was a kickstarter darling. At some point I decided to try it out for real. And even though it is way simpler than using wordpress - I still have a weird feeling any time I open a browser to write a text.

I decided this weekend, that I wanted to port my site (which in the meantime has gotten something that resembles a design - yeah, I bought it!) back to Jekyll and github. It has the easiest workflow for me. Write a post, commit, push - and it is posted.

No more logging in to an administration interface, no more keeping up to date with software, no more server administration. Write, commit, push - done!