Combining Concetrate, Moom, iTerm and Tmux

My blogposts are written in markdown - using terminal vim as my editor. Each kind of task I work on occassionally have been created as an activity in Concentrate. I have hooked my concentrate app up to alfred - and thus I can start an activity easily directly from alfred. This enables me to reduce all distractions, and open everything I need to perform the task.

As for blog posts, I need to open iTerm, and cd into a specific directory (the blog repository), and be ready to create a new post.

I have created a quick little applescript for Concentrate that does this for me.

This script uses tmuxinator to open a tmux session (either create it, or open the existing one). It then uses moom to arrange windows from a snapshot (which currently just fullscreens the iTerm window).

On top of this I have a quick snippet to create a new post, and open it in vim: